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Affirmations for Self Esteem

Affirmations really work. It's putting positives back into ourselves to heal all the negatives we all hear all day long from other people, TV, newspapers

Try repeating one or more of these as soon as you get up and just before you go to sleep. And absolutely, whenever you are having a negative thought.

It's also real cool to make up little signs with these to stick up on your computer, elsewhere in your room, on your notebook covers, whatever! They really work the more you say them or see them. Knowing that you have the confidence to achieve your dreams is priceless. Get your healthcare MBA or get your MBA entrepreneurship online and see the endless opportunities that you can have in your future

•The more I like myself the more others like themselves.

•I am a happy, healthy, wholesome, beautiful, positive, prosperous person.

•I am a unique and priceless person, coming from a unique and perfect pattern within me

•I am an extremely well liked and pleasing person.

•I am extremely successful in everything I do and say.

•I give myself all the permission I need to do what I know is best.

•I trust and rely upon my excellent sense of judgement in everything I do.

•I am the best judge of what is best for me, and I trust my judgement completely.

•I have complete and unconditional worth as a person in this universe.

•I am fully competent and capable in everything that I decide to do.

•All of my accomplishments are because I am a fully functioning, capable, competent human being.

•My worth as a human being is unconditional, and other people unconditionally like me.

•I am respected and well-liked by all people that I know.

•I accept and acknowledge unconditionally my individuality and unique personality.

•I respect myself, I respect all other persons, and all other people respect me

•I can trust myself completely as my life unfolds to create my own unique story.

•I am highly creative, intelligent, attractive, energetic, sexy, witty, smart, healthy, wealthy, and wise.

•I am an extremely well liked and pleasing person.

•I am a self determined person, and I allow others the same right.

•I can say No to other people and know I remain loved and cared for.

•Other people have the right to say No to me and I know that we still love and care for each other.

•I have the right and responsibility to express my anger and remain loved, and I take responsibility to clean up any mess and restore harmony when appropriate.

•I love myself unconditionally just as I am

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